This is a public open-resource page for COVID19 data for Canada, maintained by Michael WZ Li at McMaster University.

last updated: January 17th 22:01 Toronto time

Ontario testing status

These plots are generated using the curated data provided below.

COVID19 Data

All code is available on the associated repo

Our raw data set; direct download is compiled from available, open sources on the web – primarily provincial-level public health websites, and news reports. See README for URLs.

We update once per day.

This dataset contains daily reported number of positive/negative confirmed cases, presumptive cases, under investigation, and sources.

New addition: We are adding in Hospitalization, ICU, and Ventilator counts when they are avaliable.

Data before March 14, 2020 were recovered using the Way Back Machine; later data are gathered daily directly from the sites.

Curating Data

Our curated data set; direct download

When possible we use summary reports from the federal outbreak website to check our error correction

Other Canadian COVID19 Resources

National-level Public data


COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group

Epidemiological Data from the COVID-19 Outbreak in Canada


If there are questions about the data, please contact via email or add a github issue.

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