Talks and presentations

Michael Li, Exploring disease patterns using generation time McMaster University EEB seminar; 29 Jan 2020

Jonathan Dushoff and Michael Li, Estimating epidemic speed and strength: The role of disease-generation intervals. University of Glasgow Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine Institute seminar series; 30 Oct 2019

EEID 2019 Poster: Estimating generation intervals in heterogeneous populations (Jun 2019)

ISEC 2018 Talk: Reformulating phylogenetic mixed models to improve flexibility and speed (July 2018)

EEID 2018 Poster: Reassessing global historical R0 estimates of canine rabies (Jun 2018)

Stat744 datavis (Apr 2018)

EEID 2016 Poster: Latent state models for Epidemiological and Outbreak Analysis (Jun 2016)